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DSL and Speakerphone Problems!?

Steven O. (
Tue, 14 Jun 2005 04:15:38 GMT

Ever since I got DSL (from Verizon), I have been having problems with
the speakerphone service. I've tried two or three phones, and for
some reason, although I can hear people speaking when I try to use the
speakerphone on my regular phone, no one can hear me when I speak.
Has anyone else had similar problems with DSL service?

For what it's worth, the volume seems fine both when I am speaking and
listening on the handset, and also when I listen using the speakphone.
The problem only occurs with trying to speak into the speakerphone --
no one can hear me.

The phone is on an outlet that is also connected to the DSL modem (a
Westell 2200) with Linksys Router. There is also a connection to a
plain old modem in the PC, and an answering machine. However, I tried
connecting the phones (again, I've tried several) to another outlet
that has no computer or other loads, and I still can't get the
speakerphone to hear me (on any of the phones I tried). Any

Steve O.

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