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Bellsouth Caller ID

Choreboy (
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 13:45:43 -0400

Caller ID won't show names for some cellphone callers. I decided to
ask Bellsouth if their Caller ID would show names of cellphone callers
with any cellphone carriers, and if so, what carriers.

Bellsouth loves calling customers for telemarketing but doesn't like
having customers call Customer Service. I decided to try email. I
was redirected to a page telling me I wouldn't be allowed on unless I
downloaded Netscape or Explorer. Some sites won't work very well with
some browsers, but this is the first time a website wouldn't allow me
on except with specified browsers.

Netscape 7 is unacceptable for Mac OS9 because Netscape dropped
support and left it full of serious bugs. I happened to have Explorer
but prefer two newer browsers that are more versatile and
standards-compliant. Bellsouth expected me to do a 15 MB download
before I could email them. It's not a customer-friendly company.

As they'd warned, Bellsouth made me wait 48 hours. The answer was
that whether Caller ID showed a name for a cellphone caller would
depend on what carrier the caller was using.

So Bellsouth won't tell me what cellphone carriers provide names for
their Caller ID. Is this information available anywhere?

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