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Tony P. (
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 07:11:40 -0400

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> Hi Folks:

> I wrote a qbasic program that scans 4 Alcatel radios. It also
> pages me on problems. I was called almost 10 times around 1:30AM this
> morning (6/9/05) and again around 4:00AM even more times! My heel are
> draggin'. Anyway, this has been going on for the last few days.
> These are not stormy evenings, or even windy. In the plots this
> program makes, I see signals dropping, or maybe it's noise level
> increasing, enough to break microwave paths. This is 6gig stuff ... The
> 4 radios at this site point in different directions, and the radios
> almost go wacky the same time, but not exactly. For a half hour, the
> signal on one radio faded to almost break while the others were doing
> OK. Sometimes the two receivers on one radio will fade together,
> sometimes not. (diversity) I've associated some of these to mag
> storms, but most are weather related. However, these last few days
> have been pretty stable.

> Could it be temperature inversions at 1:30 in the morning doing this?

It is possible. 6GHz is millimeter radio, and water vapor does a number
on that.

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