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GlowingBlueMist (
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 03:12:18 -0500

HarryHydro <> wrote in message

> Hi Folks:

> I wrote a qbasic program that scans 4 Alcatel radios. It also
> pages me on problems. I was called almost 10 times around 1:30AM this
> morning (6/9/05) and again around 4:00AM even more times! My heel are
> draggin'. Anyway, this has been going on for the last few days.
> These are not stormy evenings, or even windy. In the plots this
> program makes, I see signals dropping, or maybe it's noise level
> increasing, enough to break microwave paths. This is 6gig stuff ... The
> 4 radios at this site point in different directions, and the radios
> almost go wacky the same time, but not exactly. For a half hour, the
> signal on one radio faded to almost break while the others were doing
> OK. Sometimes the two receivers on one radio will fade together,
> sometimes not. (diversity) I've associated some of these to mag
> storms, but most are weather related. However, these last few days
> have been pretty stable.

> Could it be temperature inversions at 1:30 in the morning doing this?

> Harry

nI don't know about your location but when I was monitoring microwave
sites for the military in Germany, most of the temperature inversion
problems we ran into was in the early morning. The hills would cool
off but the valleys would hold the heat unless a breeze was blowing.
As you have already identified, the fact that your diversity beams
tend to drop out at slightly different times helps to point to a
temperature inversion problem if weather was ruled out.

We did tend to have one other problem with fighter aircraft using our
towers as practice targets. Either the bulk of the aircraft
themselves or the aircraft electronic systems would drop the link as
they came in for the final run.

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