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Re: Can You Disable Text Messaging?

Steve Sobol (
Mon, 06 Jun 2005 14:42:37 -0700

Joseph wrote:

> Maybe it has to do with the way GSM works. You didn't mention AT&T
> Wireless or Cingular.

Only because I refuse to use Cingular and have never used AT&T
Wireless -- I only have experience with CDMA carriers. But you may be

> SMS is part of the GSM spec. I don't know if
> that's the case with CDMA. The question of disabling SMS (text
> messaging) has come up before in other T-Mobile related forums and the
> answer has always been no on phone originated SMS but is available to
> turn off email SMS.

mmm ... maybe someone over in the GSM newsgroup knows. - Steve Sobol / / PGP: 0xE3AE35ED
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