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Thomas A. Horsley (
Mon, 06 Jun 2005 23:55:41 GMT

> For younger readers, books are selected appropriate to their reading
> skill as well as their age. Most 12 year olds would not know what to
> do with ancient literature written in the original Greek or Latin, and
> such books would be inappropriate for them.

Good theory, but my experience doesn't seem to jibe with it:

I was in Grady Elementary school in Tampa many long decades ago. The
school went through 6th grade, no higher grades around. I was also in
6th grade, highest grade taught at the school. I tried to check out a
Sherlock Holmes book from the library, and the librarian wouldn't let
me because it was "too hard" for a 6th grader (not true, by the way).

What was it doing in the library if 6th graders shouldn't be reading
it? More important, why would a librarian object to a kid attempting
a little brain stretching even if it was too hard?

Thus began my lifelong love affair with bookstores and shunning of
libraries (perhaps the real story behind the librarian's actions
involved some kind of guerilla marketing campaign by bookstores to
turn kids off of libraries while they are young and impressionable

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