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Re: Police Officer Misbehaves in Chat Room for Children
3 Jun 2005 09:22:57 -0700

Lisa Minter wrote:

> Police Say a Popular Officer Sought Boys in Children's Chat Rooms

> Michael Costello, 39, a popular youth officer in the 114th Precinct in
> Astoria, Queens, seemed like a model of community policing.
> Nancy DiMeglio, 74, vice president of the 114th Precinct's community
> council, described Officer Costello as a popular officer and said she
> was "in dead shock" to hear the charges.

Is it possible this was the result of a malicious frame-up or
technical error in identification? Could the messages have been

These are very serious charges and are reported on from time to time.
But is the technical computer basis absolutely solidly accurate to
identify the sender and content?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: All those things are possible, except
that 'someone' who produced a picture of Costello also somehow
arranged for Costello to go to the Starbucks at the appointed meeting
time and that same 'someone' arranged for Costello to have items
in his possession of a sexual nature. Certainly not illegal, but
when taken in the context of the other known things in the case,
rather peculiar to say the least.

This is _precisely_ or quite nearly the same as the Kremen's matter
which Ms. Howard wrote about in the other message in this issue, but
unlike the third-party bystanders in Ms. Howard's report (an 'expert'
discussing any possible relationship between pedophilia/homosexuality/
bisexualty and conveniently getting it all blurred together; an
aggrieved parent organization with suggestions [albiet they are
premature] of how to administer punishment, etc; and an alleged
'confession' of bisexuality to police officers), the only third-party
bystander in Lisa Minter's report, was the 74 year old lady in the
community organization who said she was 'shocked' by the report. And a
news source (Watch I have had experience with versus a news
source (Howard) with whom I have no experience.

The above Editor's Note brought to you as a public service for the
readers who wonder why transgressions of the cop _as reported_ were
fair game but transgressions by the proprietor of _as
reported_ were looked at somewhat askance. PAT]

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