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Re: Porn Sites Get Own Domain Name, '.xxx'

Robert Bonomi (
Fri, 03 Jun 2005 01:55:14 -0000

In article <>, Lisa Minter
<> wrote:

> By Andy Sullivan

> Sex sites will soon be able to sign up for Web addresses in the .xxx
> Internet domain, but a virtual red light district won't guarantee that
> people can avoid pornography online, Internet experts said on
> Thursday.

> The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers said late
> Wednesday it would move ahead with plans to set up a separate .xxx
> Internet domain for sexually explicit material.

It's a *damn* shame ICANN couldn't be bothered to read RFC 3675.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: All that RFC business is so quaint
since ICANN took over the Internet a few years ago. ICANN seems to
take the position RFCs-be-damned! They'll do as they please, thank
you just the same. And did you notice how all along, ICANN was
sticking to the 'we do not want to judge or determine content'
line regards '.xxx' all the while they were churning out and
giving blessings and imprimateur to '.info' and '.biz', two big
spam hives? Then a lawyer comes along with his ICM Registry and for
some odd reason ICANN no longer has their objections to '.xxx'. Kind
of makes you wonder, doesn't it? By any chance has Vint Cerf and
his buddy Esther Dyson and the gang managed to collect enough money
for their next overseas vacation trip yet? PAT]

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