TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: SEX.COM Owner Arrested for Child Molestation; Possession of Heroin

SEX.COM Owner Arrested for Child Molestation; Possession of Heroin
2 Jun 2005 20:23:14 -0700

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I take this opportunity to remind all
our readers that criminal allegations are just that -- allegations --
and not 'proof' of anything. Proof can only be detirmined by a judge
in a court of law. Police do not make those decisions, neither do
netters. I've never spoken to Ms. Howard, and cannot give any
credibilty to what she says, either way. PAT]


SEX.COM owner arrested for Child molestation and possession of heroin.

Gary Kremen the owner of the infamous web site has been
arrested and release on bail for "Child Molestation" of 13 year old
boy, possession of heroin and possession of hypodermic needles.

A police source familiar with the incident stated that Kremen is a
well known user of drugs such as speed and heroin and has admitted to
being bisxual during a police interview. Dr. Adrian Copeland, a
psychiatrist who works with sexual offenders at the Peters Institute
in Philadelphia, said that, from his experience, pedophiles tend to be
homosexual and "40% to 45%" of child molesters have had "significant
homosexual experiences." Police are currently investigating other
unspecified criminal charges against Kremen.

Kremen who became famous for his court victory against Stephen Cohen
over the domain name has had his problems according to the
police source since winning back the domain name.

The web site produces a small amount of money for Kremen who
has been forced to endure large continuing legal expenses because of
Kremen's failure to collect from Cohen. Kremen's prior attorney
Charles Carreon was forced to sue Kremen over proceeds from the
victorious lawsuit to win back the domain Carreon claimed
Kremen promised him 15% ownership in Kremen denied any such
deal. Kremen settled his obligation to Carreon for an undisclosed
amount of money.

Last year Kremen for unknown reasons settled his action with VeriSign
for $150,000.00 according to a VeriSign public filing with the Security
Exchange Commission.

In phone interview with Kremen today he stated he was not a child
molester and the charges are false. Kremen admitted that he does have
a problem with drugs and that he does supported groups that protect
the rights of children.

Mandy Howard of "Parents United Against Child Sexual Abuse" stated
that people like Gary Kremen should be incarcerated for life since
there is no cure for these people. We should start to think about
protecting the rights of our children over the rights of child
predators like Kremen.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I wonder if 'Mandy Howard' of Parents
United is any relation to 'Nancy Howard' who submitted this article?
I would also like to point out that in this somewhat offensive article
(to me, at least), neither of the Misses Howard's is entitled to use
absolute terms like 'predator' or 'should be incarcerated for life',
certainly without _an adjudication in a court_. My first reaction was
to pitch the article out unused, but with the possibility there is
some smidgen of truth herein, i.e. Kremen _was_ arrested on the
allegations named, and his known legal problems with the ''
domain, etc I decided to use the article. However I could have done
without the blurring/blending of sexual lifestyle choices and
pedophilia. I did not need opinions from any Philadelphia 'expert' nor
any pronouncements from Mandy Howard about 'what should be done';
whether the item is true or false, I do not need that. I would point
out also to Mandy Howard that kids have been known to _lie_ on this
topic and 'life incarceration' is a bit steep under the
circumstances. That's not to say he is or is not guilty; I have no
idea. So Ms. Nancy Howard, if you wish to write to us further on this
topic or any other which is bound to stir controversy, please write
only with the facts as they are known at that moment. Thanks. PAT]

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