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Re: Packet8 DTMF Tones Sound "Clipped"

PrinceGunter (
24 May 2005 06:41:47 -0700

> I seem to recall that the old Bell System spec for tone duration was
> 20ms, or 1/5th of a second. Some switches allowed you to go as fast as
> 10ms, which put the speed in speedial. :)

> Don't know how P8 generates tones, but is it possible they are right
> at the lower spec limit and your system isn't capable of decoding at
> that rate?

I had a T-Berd on the line, and it didn't recognize any DTMF either.
But after another couple of tests, I think I can definitely state that
there is no difference in tone between keypresses ... for some reason
his device or Packet8 is translating those keypresses to a monotone
"blip" on inbound calls.

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