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More News on our RSS Syndication

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Tue, 24 May 2005 13:28:31 EDT

I mentioned here the other day that Telecom Digest/comp.dcom.telecom is
now syndicated. This means we now have an RSS feed in addition to the
more standard and somewhat obsolete methods of newsgroup distribution
we have enjoyed for many years, including NNTP for Usenet. RSS is a
method by which many publications share syndicated news and other
articles. We started using RSS a few months ago, with 'modules' from
other sources sprinkled through our web site,
and now Telecom Digest is also available as a 'module' for use on
other people's web sites as well. For instance, if you happen to like
reading news mainly from a single source such as Yahoo or MSN News,
our module each day is now displayed on those web sites as well. In
both cases, the Telecom Digest / c.d.t. newsgroup module is an optional
addition. In both cases, it is not automatically displayed on their
web sites; you have to 'subscribe to the module' to have it included.

Where some readers like going around the net from one URL to another
to check for news of interest, other readers prefer to see as many
headlines as they can at one single location. I do that here, for
example, by providing NY Times, NPR news, Christian Science Monitor,
AP News, Reuters and other news reports in the section of our daily
Telecom Digest called The intent
is if you wish to make your 'home page' or starting
point on your computer each day -- and I hope you would -- you will
find news and features from _many different sources_ each day. But just
as some of you wish to start out _here_ and use the 'modules' other
sites have provided, there are some readers who prefer to start, for
example, with Yahoo or MSN and do the same kind of thing, and get
their Telecom Digest news in the form of a 'module' on that _other_
site. I of course stress telecommunications news first, with the
other modules optional for whoever wants them. Every URL on the net
stresses its own area of interest _first_ then allows for optional
modules, as called for by readers, to other modules, including, as
requested, TELECOM Digest. Really, its your choice. is where you
will find our RSS feed, for use in your own RSS reader. is where you will find a javascript
interpretation of our feed, to place Telecom Digest headlines on
your own site. (No reason you have to come here to the Digest each
day; we can come to you also in this manner.)
is where you go to not only read the latest issue but where you can
also go to 'subscribe' (or place the telecom news module) on your 'My
Yahoo' or 'My MSN' home pages if you wish to go that way. As other
sites come on line with home pages readers themselves construct,
telecom will be available to read there also.

I hope you are as enthusiastic about this new delivery method for news
as I am.

Patrick Townson

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