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The Telecom Digest for Mon, 13 Sep 2021
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What's New In 5G–September 2021
I'm cutting back

Message-ID: <20210911220539.4A25F73A@telecom2018.csail.mit.edu> Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2021 22:05:39 +0000 (UTC) From: Moderator <telecomdigestsubmissions@remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: What's New In 5G - September 2021 by Russell H. Fox , Scott Thompson , Angela Y. Kung , Daniel P. Reing and Christen B'anca Glenn The next-generation of wireless technologies - known as 5G - is here. Not only is it expected to offer network speeds that are up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE and reduce latency to nearly zero, it will allow networks to handle 100 times the number of connected devices, revolutionizing business and consumer connectivity and enabling the "Internet of Things." Leading policymakers - federal regulators and legislators - are making it a top priority to ensure that the wireless industry has the tools it needs to maintain U.S. leadership in commercial 5G deployments. This blog provides monthly updates on FCC actions and Congressional efforts to win the race to 5G. https://tinyurl.com/hw2xw2f9
Message-ID: <20210912230151.GA6679@telecom.csail.mit.edu> Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2021 23:01:51 +0000 From: Moderator <telecomdigestsubmissions@remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: I'm cutting back To the readers, I had a serious injury last Tuesday: I broke my wrist during a fall. I'm going to be cutting back on the Digest for a few weeks, while I go through rehabilitation. If you're able, please chip in and submit some articles to help out. Thanks in advance. Bill -- Bill Horne Telecom Digest Moderator

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