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Re: Foreign Exchange (FX) Lines Still in Use?

Al Gillis (
Sun, 22 May 2005 10:31:30 -0700

Robert Bonomi <> wrote in message

> In article <>, TELECOM Digest
> Editor noted in response to Robert Bonomi:

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: As Robert knows, those four additional
>> touch tone keys were known as A,B,C, and D. I forget the exact
>> meaning of each, but my question is, did anyone with 'regular'
>> service but with an Autovon phone ever try pressing those keys in
>> a regular call? I did a couple times, and the immediate result was
>> a 'fast busy' signal; the call would not complete. PAT]

> On the PSTN, it somewhat depended on the switch and programming.
> 'Reorder' was the very-common switch reaction. There were a few
> switches that completely 'ignored' those signals.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But did you ever see/hear any that
> neither ignored nor offered re-order, but instead actually _did
> something_ ? I never did. PAT]

I've got a Western Electric 3666-1A key set (Autovon dial). I've tried
pressing the A, B, C and D keys while connected to both a Nortel DMS-200 (CO
Switch) and a Nortel Meridian-1 (PBX). In both cases I got reorder while
listening to dial tone (that is, no call had been established yet) and no
effect while an established call was in progress.

The Names of the additional keys are:
FO (Flash Override) adjacent to the 3 key
F (Flash) adjacent to the 6 key
I (Immeadiate) adjacent to the 9 key
P (Priority) adjacent to the # key (See note)

Note: My 3666-1A has a key designated as "A" where the # key is placed
on a normal dial pad. I don't know if this is standard for "Autovon"
dials. The tone generated by this key (according to a "digit
grabber") is that of a # key, however. Another interesting thing is
that the Star key (left of 0) is not an asterisk but rather it's a
real star! That is, a five pointed star, white lines on the gray
background (or is it a grey background?) with a hollow center.


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