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Re: Vonage Improvement: No More Dial 1+

Scott Kramer (
Tue, 17 May 2005 23:10:31 -0400

"John Schmerold" <> wrote some stuff in message

Then PAT added:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Since there is no price differential
> on Vonage in most cases (I still have a 500 minute limited account
> but most users do not) the '1' is pointless and a waste of time.
> _Everything_ is ten digits; even locally, and the price is the same
> no matter what. However, some people do not know that Vonage can also
> be _seven digits_ with area code (where the box was installed, or
> 'home area') assumed. Like telco, if nothing is dialed after seven
> digits, then it sits there for a few seconds to time out, and deals
> with what it got. PAT]

Pat, You can also press # (pound) after the 7 digits to make it process
immediately! A nice tidbit for those who aren't aware of that!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Yes you can, but then you are back to
eight digits pressed, so why not just press ten? Thet # pound or
'carriage return' as it is officially known is better used where it
makes a difference such as on a landline phone when you do 0# to
get the operator to time out to a live being instead of the system
waiting for collect/third party/overseas dialing strings to follow,
etc. By the way, that # pound does not do a thing on landline
phones where seven digits (only) is expected, for example on a local
call. # pound only works in 7-D _optional_ or zero _optional_
situations. In other words 10-D (but 7 sometimes okay) and strings
starting with zero (and sometimes you can stop there). PAT]

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