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Re: Traveller Seeks Phone Advice

Joseph (
Mon, 16 May 2005 07:13:40 -0700

On Sun, 15 May 2005 11:58:23 GMT, D. Dude
<> wrote:

> Hi, I'm planning on traveling to the US and Europe in the near future
> so I'd appreciate some recommendations on which providers I should use
> for cell service and phone/calling cards.

For US and European travel you'll need a GSM carrier. In the US that
would be either cingular or T-Mobile.

> Pre-paid, since I assume I'm ineligible for credit, but I would
> consider allowing a provider to directly bill a credit card number (if
> they can be trusted). I don't have a SSN, or permanent US/European
> address if that matters.

It's likely that you'll be relegated to prepaid if you cannot qualify
for US credit or you may be asked to plunk down a hefty deposit.

> Services that require a minimum of pre-paid credit or offer wider
> coverage would be better. My calls would be a mix of local and
> long-distance including international.

For the US calling with cingular or T-Mobile prepaid long distance is

International calling while available is likely not an economical way
to call using your mobile phone.

> Having the option of toll-free access for the calling card would
> probably be useful, if that is not a given for US calling cards (it
> is not in Australia but we have larger local call areas). I would
> expect that my cell usage would be fairly low, limited mostly to
> receiving calls.

Toll-free is generally not free with mobile in the US and will use
minutes just like regular calls.

> For the US, I'd like to have service in Hawaii, California, New York,
> and the New England states. I'll pretty much be sticking to major
> cities and the more touristed parts of these states.

Cingular and T-Mobile would both work in major cities in the places
you've named.

> I don't have a phone suitable for the US, so your recommendations for
> a specific technology (CDMA, GSM etc) and a low cost handset (or
> rental) would be welcome. WAP support would be plus if compatible with
> the cheapest plans. A phone suitable for an elderly person with poor
> eye-sight and dexterity, would be another plus, but not essential.

You don't indicate what (if anything) you use for service in your home

> Offers for loaners or purchase of this phone would also be welcome.

Keep in mind that if you are using Cingular or T-Mobile T-Mobile only
uses GSM 1900 while cingular uses both GSM 850 and GSM 1900 (depending
on where you are in the US.)

> For Europe, I'm planning on visiting the continent mainly to EU
> states.

You can also get prepaid for 5 to 20 Euros including a small amount of
calling time.

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