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Re: Any Free VoIP Internet-to-Telephone Calling Left?

lookemintheye (
Thu, 12 May 2005 01:13:50 -0500

John R. Levine <> wrote in message

>> what I am after, is free PC to *TelePHONE* calling.

> I'd be surprised if you could find anything. Sending calls to the
> phone network costs real money, and the free money bubble
> is long over.

> There's plenty of services that will do outgoing calls pretty cheap,
> like 2 cpm. Skypeout is an obvious choice, although I've had voice
> quality problems with them.

> If you plan to make a whole lot of
> calls, one of the flat rate plans from a VoIP carrier like
> Broadvoice or Packet8 would probably be your best bet. > R's, John

Thanks, John

I figured it would be pretty unlikely to find anything decent that was
truly free for PC-to-telephone calling. Yet, the free money
bubble, I thought that had burst in 2000 or so. I'm surprised that
there was anything left in 2002 when I arrived into the world of VoIP
-- guess it was trickling off by then.

I think I'm going to try SkypeOut, Broadvoice and Packet8, and any
others that get mentioned later.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You might also look at Free World
Dialing (FWD) which not only has PC to PC free dialing all the time,
but I have found you can prefix the dialing string with *1 (the USA
country code) and make calls to toll free USA phones anywhere, plus
which now and again the FWD people give away 'holiday gifts' of
free calling anywhere in the USA or to certain countries. Add to that
the fact that you can easily get one-way incoming lines at no charge
to be attached to your FWD number. I have a couple of those in the
360-227 office (somewhere in Washington State) which ring through to
the FWD phones on one of my laptops. PAT]

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