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ID Thief Wins Constantly! TRUE Story

Cheryl Rudow Pope (
Wed, 20 Apr 2005 08:50:55 -0500

Why The Courts Work For The Criminal and NOT The Victims! Illinois
Now they send her on Vacation?? I am a victim of Identity Theft
committed by a convicted felon who has done this to me several times.

She was let off because of claims of medical conditions?? Like she
can't be treated in prison? What is wrong here? So she can rob and
steal from people and all she has to do when the Court system catches
up with her is to just claim she has cancer, MS or some other staged
up claim and she is FREE? That is what she used in both counties below
to get off! Just think how much money these thieves can get away with!
Like Probation is going to do a darn thing? ONLY IN AMERICA! She is no
different from someone that robs a bank! I am OUTRAGED AT THE JUSTICE
SYSTEM PERIOD! What exactly will stop her from doing this to me again?

In 95 she stole my Identity and there were NO laws to prosecute
her. NOW here we are in 2005 and have laws and alls they do is give
her probation? PLUS she is a prior convicted FELON with a Criminal
Background that does NOT stop!

The felon now has 8 Current Identity Theft Charges/Check Deception
Charges in 2 Counties, Will and Dupage. Six charges in Will and 2
charges in Dupage. She also did prison time in 95 For Embezzelling and
Employee Theft in Dupage County.

I cannot believe the Judge gave her probation??? In DUPAGE COUNTY
Dupage County Case Numbers: 04 CF 2875 04 CF 1193 February 2, 2005 she
faced sentencing of the above cases. 1 Identity Theft and 1 Check
Deception. I was the Identity Theft Victim.

The Judge AGAIN gave her probation because Will County did and also
she is claiming to have a Medical Condition? I don't care she can be
treated in PRISON! ALSO why is she given the ROYAL treatment of being
on Probation ?? SHE has a very LONG criminal background with drug
conviction charges, Identity Theft charges and many more. How can a
person on Probation for 3 years in 2 Different Counties with 8 Current
Convictions get to travel and go on vacation when SHE got Probation
because she claimed a so called medical condition that kept her from
going to Jail and now a month later she takes a ski trip vacation?

Here is the reply I got from Will County State's Attorney: On March
18, 2005, the defendant appeared with her attorney. The defendant
requested the court's permission to travel to the State of Colorado
from March 23, 2005 to April 3, 2005. Over the State's objection, the
court granted it, provided she have her court costs paid in full. They
are, so she did. How did she get away with this? She is Cured, FREE
and Taking Vacations on Stolen Money! The Courts sure work for the
criminal here!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Will County and Dupage County are both
in the metropolitan Chicago area; Will being south/southwest and
Dupage being west of Cook County/Chicago respectively. But, Ms. Pope,
you seem to infer she was due back in court or probation on April 3,
about two weeks ago. What has happened since then? Your story does not
surprise me, knowing how the courts in that area operate. Can you
bring us up to date? PAT]

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