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Re: ID Thief Wins Constantly! TRUE Story
Thu, 21 Apr 2005 08:38:05 -0700

There is a different between this criminal and a bank robber.
Innocent bystanders are in harm's way and are often shot and killed
during bank robberies.

You are rightfully offended to a point, but please don't suggest that
a thug with a gun is no more dangerous than a swindler.

Cheryl Rudow Pope wrote:

> Why The Courts Work For The Criminal and NOT The Victims! Illinois
> Now they send her on Vacation?? I am a victim of Identity Theft
> committed by a convicted felon who has done this to me several times.

> She was let off because of claims of medical conditions?? Like she
> can't be treated in prison? What is wrong here? So she can rob and
> steal from people and all she has to do when the Court system catches
> up with her is to just claim she has cancer, MS or some other staged
> up claim and she is FREE? That is what she used in both counties below
> to get off! Just think how much money these thieves can get away with!
> Like Probation is going to do a darn thing? ONLY IN AMERICA! She is no
> different from someone that robs a bank! I am OUTRAGED AT THE JUSTICE
> SYSTEM PERIOD! What exactly will stop her from doing this to me again?

> In 95 she stole my Identity and there were NO laws to prosecute
> her. NOW here we are in 2005 and have laws and alls they do is give
> her probation? PLUS she is a prior convicted FELON with a Criminal
> Background that does NOT stop!

> The felon now has 8 Current Identity Theft Charges/Check Deception
> Charges in 2 Counties, Will and Dupage. Six charges in Will and 2
> charges in Dupage. She also did prison time in 95 For Embezzelling and
> Employee Theft in Dupage County.

> I cannot believe the Judge gave her probation??? In DUPAGE COUNTY
> Dupage County Case Numbers: 04 CF 2875 04 CF 1193 February 2, 2005 she
> faced sentencing of the above cases. 1 Identity Theft and 1 Check
> Deception. I was the Identity Theft Victim.

> The Judge AGAIN gave her probation because Will County did and also
> she is claiming to have a Medical Condition? I don't care she can be
> treated in PRISON! ALSO why is she given the ROYAL treatment of being
> on Probation ?? SHE has a very LONG criminal background with drug
> conviction charges, Identity Theft charges and many more. How can a
> person on Probation for 3 years in 2 Different Counties with 8 Current
> Convictions get to travel and go on vacation when SHE got Probation
> because she claimed a so called medical condition that kept her from
> going to Jail and now a month later she takes a ski trip vacation?

> Here is the reply I got from Will County State's Attorney: On March
> 18, 2005, the defendant appeared with her attorney. The defendant
> requested the court's permission to travel to the State of Colorado
> from March 23, 2005 to April 3, 2005. Over the State's objection, the
> court granted it, provided she have her court costs paid in full. They
> are, so she did. How did she get away with this? She is Cured, FREE
> and Taking Vacations on Stolen Money! The Courts sure work for the
> criminal here!

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Will County and Dupage County are both
> in the metropolitan Chicago area; Will being south/southwest and
> Dupage being west of Cook County/Chicago respectively. But, Ms. Pope,
> you seem to infer she was due back in court or probation on April 3,
> about two weeks ago. What has happened since then? Your story does not
> surprise me, knowing how the courts in that area operate. Can you
> bring us up to date? PAT]

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The only reason, IMO, that a criminal
uses a gun in a bank robbery rather than a computer is because he
is not smart enough. If he knows how to use a computer he likely
will not get his hands dirty with the brute force a gun implies. PAT]

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