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Re: Blackboards vs. Whiteboards
1 Apr 2005 08:08:16 -0800

Barry Margolin wrote:

> This web site mentions chalk dust as a common trigger of asthma
> attacks in children:

What I don't understand is that blackboards have been around for
ages but asthma seems to be growing among kids. Given that, I
wonder if chalkdust is really the cause.

Another poster complained this was off-topic. This newsgroup
tends to examine a variety of issues regarding all _communication_,
not just telecom.

BTW, I've seen electronic whiteboards that transmit the writings or
produce a hardcopy, though they don't seem to get much use.

Also, I must admit whiteboards can double as a projection screen,
instead of having a separate screen. With the decrease of price in
computer projectors and ease of products like PowerPoint (which I
personally dislike), perhaps writings will be pre-done by computer
rather than written on the fly. (There's also the older transparency
overhead projector that's been around for a long time.)

However, I have always found it easier to follow and take notes of a
traditional lecture where the teacher writes on a blackboard as he
goes along, rather than showing an entire frame all at once (and that
disappears for the next slide).

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: When I first reviewed this subject in
preparing the issue of the Digest a few days ago, my first thought was
that Lisa was referring to the 'whiteboard' concept which is common
in certain chat programs for computer: the screen is divided in two
parts with half given over to a whiteboard on which the chat participants
can 'doodle' or draw things for the other participants in the chat.

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