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Re: Blackboards vrs. Whiteboards

Richard Kaszeta (
01 Apr 2005 07:40:16 -0600

Chris Farrar <> writes:

> Well, blackboards do generate chalk dust. And the way kids seem to
> have alergies to almost everything under the sun, and parents that
> will file contingency lawsuits if someone looks at their kids funny, I
> wonder if it is to head off lawsiuts that the chalk dust is causing
> Johnny's asthma to act up.

As a frequent user of both types of boards in the past (teaching
college classes), I can say that you also get dust from whiteboards,
and it's the nasty grimy powder from the dry-erase markets.

I don't like whiteboards anyways, since as a lefty they are very
difficult to use; if my hand even lightly glances over what I just
wrote, it wipes off, whereas chalk is fairly tolerant.

That, and I've never gotten woozy from a chalkboard, whereas an
afternoon spent entirely around whiteboards with uncapped markers will
give you a pretty good buzz.

Richard W Kaszeta

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