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Re: New Long Range Cordless Phones?

John Bartley (
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 13:07:28 -0800 (PST)

First poster:

>>> I'm living in a rural Alaskan town and traditional cell service is
>>> spotty to none, even with an old bag phone and roof antenna so I was
>>> thinking that this could be an interesting approach to local mobile
>>> phone service.

Sorry, if it uses frequencies illegal for use in the US, its use is
illegal. Indiscriminate use of the "230-450MHz" band described for
that device elsewhere:,12419431~mode=flat~days=9999~start
could trash a lot of navigation devices. How well received would you
be if you trashed a nav beacon, in AK where bush pilots are a

I would be *very* specific with anyone selling such a device that you
want to know what frequencies *specifically* are used, and have them
show you in the FCC regs how they are exempt. Ask them for the 'FCC ID'
number for the equipment. Then, check with the FCC field office, or
confirm at the FCC website:

>> I highly doubt that it is legal in the U.S. However, modifying your
>> 802.11 gear and using say a PalmOS type machine with an 802.11 card
>> you could probably cobble together a VoIP solution that has a linear
>> range of 11 miles or so, depending on what type and pattern of
>> radiator you decide to use.

However, again, if the modifications exceed what's permissible under
Part 15 rules, you're again violating FCC regs. Adding a high-gain
antenna can, under some circumstances, require reducing power on your
wireless access point. A complex formula determins what's

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Dave <newsgroups@dave!!!christense!!n.o!!!r!!!g>


> Other then costs and time involved in getting a tech class ham
> license, can someone estimate what the costs and legalities involved
> in setting up a mobile radio system with a (pseudo-encrypted) PSTN
> gateway?

Encryption or pseudo-encryption is not allowed under FCC regs for the
amateur bands. Although inverted-modulation is permitted in GPRS
devices, phone patches for them are not.

> Then I could 'legally' do what these devices do. The
> terrain is pretty open and flat and I have a barn that I could mount
> my equipment on which is above the treeline. At least if i'm going to
> burn additional dead dinosaurs I can have a higher 'gee-whiz' factor.

> Or should I just say forget this idea and go back to Iridium?

There's another possibility which would be cheaper and more reliable
than anything else mentioned so far; better antennas for your bag
phone. Just because the antenna's on the roof does not mean it's got
adequate gain for what you need. Here's one high gain store-bought

And, if there's a mountain in the way, set up a passive repeater in a
location which can see both your home and the cell tower you're trying
to hit. A passive antenna is just two antennas, attached to each
other, with no electronics; one aimed at your home QTH and another at
the cell tower you are trying to hit. Then, aim the home antenna at
the passive repeater.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Mike Sandman has a similar antenna
device in his catalog and I have one of them but
never much need it these days. Its an indoor antenna mounted on a
tripod which you set next to a window then plug it into the external
antenna jack on your cellular phone. Back in my early days this time
around here in Independence, when I was using the AT&T phone which
always seemed to look for a Tulsa-based tower whenever it could, that
external antenna on a tripod helped quite a bit. Mike also has a
device which is mounted outdoors somewhere with a good clear line of
sight to the base, then it 'repeats' its signal all around your home
or office. PAT]

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