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Re: New Long Range Cordless Phones?

Marcus Didius Falco (
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 20:28:16 -0500

> First poster:

>>>> I'm living in a rural Alaskan town and traditional cell service is
>>>> spotty to none, even with an old bag phone and roof antenna so I was
>>>> thinking that this could be an interesting approach to local mobile
>>>> phone service.

> Sorry, if it uses frequencies illegal for use in the US, its use is
> illegal. Indiscriminate use of the "230-450MHz" band described for
> that device elsewhere:
> could trash a lot of navigation devices. How well received would you
> be if you trashed a nav beacon, in AK where bush pilots are a
> necesssity?

> I would be *very* specific with anyone selling such a device that you
> want to know what frequencies *specifically* are used, and have them
> show you in the FCC regs how they are exempt. Ask them for the 'FCC ID'
> number for the equipment. Then, check with the FCC field office, or
> confirm at the FCC website:

An old bag-type AMPS phone (analog cellular) is legal for another few
years. These have a power of 5 Watts, IIRC, and a nominal range of
about 25 or 30 miles. You can get upgraded antennae for them from
Wilson (Sorry, no URL, and there are two companies named Wilson: you
can check any truck stop).

The old mobile non-cellular phones are car-mount only, and are
grandfathered in, but are being phased out.

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