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Craft Access article from '93

Patrick M. (
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 18:46:50 PST

Hi, I'm very interested in the Craft Access System and came across an
old article in Telecom Digest, Tue 9 Nov '93.
It says you moderated, is this accurate?

If I do have the right person, would you have any information
on the article by "Eric Kiser" regarding the old Craft Access

Thanks a million,

Patrick Moore

Yes, I was and am the editor of Telecom Digest. I think the article
you are referring to is the one printed below. I'll reprint it again
in the Digest on Thursday morning and we will see if any of the
current readers have any information. Who knows, Eric Kiser may still
be around and may have information.

Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1993 00:06:01 -0600
From: TELECOM Moderator <>
Subject: TELECOM Digest V13 #748

TELECOM Digest Tue, 9 Nov 93 00:06:00 CST Volume 13 : Issue 748

Inside This Issue: Moderator: Patrick A. Townson

Computer CNID Solution Summary Sought (Scott Coleman)
Apple Newtons Recalled in Australia (Mark Cheeseman)
Signaling System #7 Cost/Performance Information (Dave Munsinger)
Re: Caller ID-Blocking Unblocking (Mark Steiger)
Cordless Phone Systems (Delavar K. Khomarlou)
Information on Mobile Data Systems/Technologies (Peter Chan)
Landline Telegraph Service (Gabe M Wiener)
Tech Job Available (Ian Eisenberg)
===> AT&T Craft Access Butt-Sets (Eric Kiser) <===
Re: Analog Telephone Interfaces For Computers (Andy Behrens)
Re: Nationwide GTE 800 Outage? (Brian Nunes)
Re: Brush Fires in Southern California (Stephen Friedl)
Re: Preparing My Case Against Sprint (Chris Labatt-Simon)
Re: Busy Signal Strangeness (John Desmond)
Re: My Meeting With the Commish (Christopher Zguris)


Date: Mon, 8 Nov 93 22:14:12 EST
Subject: AT&T Craft Access Butt-Sets

I'm sure you've all seen them advertised recently, surplus. The
safety-yellow AT&T craft-access butt sets are available new, in the
box with two batteries, charger and manual for $60 (how's that for
pennies on the dollar, AT&T?). Well ... I broke down and bought one
(ok -- I bought three).

Even the standard TALK and MONITOR are swanky on this thing. The
entire thing is menu driven on a 3"x3" LCD, with user input through a
four-way plus button joystick and the standard 3x4 DTMF keypad. (Alpha
input is via the keypad -- press 1 once for 1, twice for Q, thrice for
Z, etc.) The dialed number is menu driven, or you can do it manually.
MONITOR and TALK modes have digital volume access, and MONITOR has a
QUIET mode for extra sensitive noise hunting. I got all that working ...

The trick is these were used by AT&T folk to access the work
scheduling computer system, and they have a 1200 baud Bell 212 modem
and terminal program built in. But I can't seem to figure out the
protocol used by the terminal program. On CONNECT, the butt-set sends
tildes (~) until the remote system sends ACK, and then some five-digit
something that I can't figure out; every time I enter the fifth digit,
it goes back to tildes. I took the thing apart (a real trick, since it
had #10 TORX screws with the security restriction post in place all
the way around) and yanked the uP program EPROM. It disassembled to
more than 20000 lines of 8031 (Intel MCS-51 series) assembly language.
I've been able to wade througha lot of it, but isn't there an easier

Does anyone have access to / references on the protocol used by these
things? I'd hate to reprogram it from scratch; I'd like to write a
small BBS for my PC that would interact with the screen, joystick and
keypad using the current protocol, if I could find out what it is.


Eric Kiser


End of TELECOM Digest V13 #748

You are welcome. Anyone with any up to date information to share
with Mr. Moore?

Patrick Townson PAT]

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