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Robert Bonomi (
Thu, 24 Mar 2005 11:07:58 -0000

In article <>,
Dan Lanciani <> wrote:

> (Tony P.) wrote:

>> Sort of how the FCC has pretty much admitted that anyone with a
>> modicum of technical knowledge will be able to defeat the broadcast
>> flag.

> I think you've mentioned this before, but what does it mean? The
> system as originally conceived requires the digital representation of
> flagged content to be protected by encryption on bus and media. I
> have more than a modicum of technical knowledge and I don't see an
> easy way around the proposed system in concept. Has the original
> system been abandoned? Or are you aware of some implementation flaw?

*Somewhere* in the TV set, the signal has to get decrypted, before it
can be presented to the CRT, or other actual 'display'.

Thus there *is* a "cleartext" signal running around inside the box.

Thus, someone with a reasonable amount of skill can 'tap' the cleartext
signal, and "voila!"

And there's always the "idiot method" -- just point a camcorder at the TV.

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