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Re: Ohio Law Would Require Auction License for eBay Sellers

Tony P. (
Sun, 13 Mar 2005 10:47:36 -0500

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> In article <>,
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>> In article <>, lisa_minter2001
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>>> CNN, via Yahoo News on Tuesday reports that the State of Ohio has
>>> become very unfriendly toward online sellers using E-Bay.
>>> According to CNN-Money, State of Ohio now requires an auction license
>>> of people who want to sell on E-Bay, as well as a one-year training
>>> class required of sellers _and_ a fifty thousand dollar security
>>> bond. The auction license costs two hundred dollars. If you fail to
>>> do these things, they have some jail time waiting for you. Their
>>> excuse is they want to 'cut back on internet fraud using E-Bay'.


>> Tax revenue. That's what every state is about.

>> On a related note -- a couple years ago I get notice from the state of
>> RI that I never filed my 1990 taxes and owe them $1,300 between fines,
>> etc. So the past few years they snatched my refunds.

>> This year I decided I want receipts from this point forward, and I'll
>> keep my tax records for more than three years so I can prove I filed.
>> Turns out the RI Division of Taxation won't give a receipt. I got the
>> woman to stamp my copy with their "RECEIVED - RI DIV TAX" verbiage
>> with the date and all.

>> Hopefully the state will lose one more of my returns -- then I can
>> bring the receipted version to the news hounds and watch as the sparks
>> fly.

> Haven't you ever heard of Certified Mail / Return Receipt? I have
> signed, stamped return post cards for every Fed & State return since I
> started filing.

When one works right across the street from the building that taxation
is in (It's part of Dept. of Administration) it's easier to just walk
in and drop it off as I have other business in that building many
times per month.

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