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Re: Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

Tony P. (
Sun, 13 Mar 2005 10:43:27 -0500

In article <>,

> Tony P. wrote:

>>>> Consider that Ms. Wood readily admits she has an agenda (she has an
>>>> axe to grind with cell phone manufacturers over what she perceives as
>>>> "iron-clad control over phone releases and pricing, its
>>>> ever-lengthening contracts, and the annoying habit it has of crippling
>>>> Bluetooth phones so that [she] can't use them the way [she wants]
>>>> to"). I would thus take this with a heavy handful of salt.

> If Miss Wood thinks that retail phone pricing and contracts are the
> fault of the MANUFACTURERS, she's probably too stupid to carry a cell
> phone in the first place. I doubt the removal of certain functions is
> done by the manufacturers on their own, either.

>> The problem is that many of the headsets are now Bluetooth enabled.
>> Those put out signals on what, 2.4GHz at relatively low power.

> So? My phone runs on 1.9GHz ... I still haven't heard anything
> definitive either way, either that cell phones DO or DON'T cause
> illness.

Go and read up on Part 97 of the FCC rules for Amateurs. It was scary
enough for them to require certifications of RF safety. But then, we
hams are allowed to run 1500W in the HF bands and a couple hundred in
the 2M and 70CM bands so I guess the RF exposure is a little more
intense at those levels.

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