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Re: Nokia 6010 Reporting in to Mama -- Radio Interference?

John Levine (
4 Mar 2005 22:04:32 -0000

>> My new Nokia 6010 has an interesting and somewhat annoying habit. If
>> it's anywhere within a 5 foot radius of my PC speakers, I can hear it
>> periodically transmitting something ...

> Now, _why_ this stuff is being picked up on the PC speakers -- that's
> a whole nuther story.

The little song that GSM phones sing seems to be in a low enough
frequency range that it's picked up inductively by just about any
audio system. My car has a shelf under the radio, and if I put the
phone there, the radio picks up the song. Often on conference calls
with speakerphones, we have to remind people not to put their GSM
phones close to the phone because we'll all hear it singing.


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