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Re: FCC Reaches Telco Settlement to Stop Blocking VOIP
4 Mar 2005 21:54:18 GMT

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> Danny Burstein wrote:

>> "We saw a problem, and we acted swiftly to ensure that Internet voice
>> service remains a viable option for consumers", said FCC Chairman
>> Michael K. Powell.

> I don't understand.

> Why couldn't the consumers simply switch to another ISP? Why did the
> FCC have to intervene?

It's not always that simple. Here in my high-tech haven in the Pacific
Northwest Verizon has managed to price DSL service at a level which
prevents other ISP's from competing for DSL broadband customers (the
bare DSL circuit is 50% more than Verizon Online's monthly charge,
without including any ISP charges). The ONLY other broadband choice is
Comcast (cable), and there is NO choice of ISP with them.

And you're not going to run VOIP over a dial-up connection.

John Meissen

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And some telcos -- such as SBC --
flatly refuse to sell DSL to anyone (other then their own customers
with SBC phone service) at all. They know the handwriting is on the
wall, and they are going to fight to the bitter end to hang on to
their increasingly shrinking market. In Bell's arrogance they never
used to have to put up with any competition to speak of; it had to be
their way or no way at all, and they still like to act that way. PAT]

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