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Re: A Silly Question - 2-Line Phone With One Phone Number?

Boat (
Sun, 20 Feb 2005 20:40:46 GMT

I do have call waiting. Are you saying that if I have call waiting then I
have two lines, therefore if I got a 2-line phone I would be able to use
both lines at the same time? Still confused ...

SELLCOM Tech support <> wrote in message

> Boat <> posted on that vast internet thingie:

>> I have a silly question. I'd like to get a 5.8 GHz, 2-line phone with
>> multiple handsets but I only have one incoming phone number into my
>> home. In order to fully utilize Line 1 and Line 2 I assume I will have
>> to get the phone company out here to install a second line. Is that
>> true? Are there any other options?

> A lot of people have multiple lines but only one advertised number by
> using call rollover from the phone co.

> The other lines will have phone numbers but they are often not used.

> Steve at SELLCOM

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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: In any event, he would have had to deal
> with the Mother Company, which is what he had hoped to avoid; listed
> or unlisted; virtual or real, etc. PAT]

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: _NO_ you do not have two 'phones' or
two 'lines'. You have _ONE_ phone line given special treatment at
the phone central office. Now, if you are the only person in your
house, then you can only talk to one person at a time, so for all
practical purposes, yes, you have the equivilent of two 'lines',
since if you had two _real lines_ and two concurrent callers, you
would press a couple of buttons to go back and forth between them.
With call-waiting you do the same thing; press a button (the hook
switch, actually) to go between callers. But if you think that is
'two lines' then have a wife, or children or a roomate who wants to
use the phone at the same time; it cannot be done. And if you get
that call-waiting signal and the new caller wants to speak to
another person in your household, then *someone* is going to have to
wait, to cool their heels about recieving/placing their phone call.

If there are two or more persons in your household, and the phone
is fairly active as a result, then you _do not_ want call-waiting.
You want two actual lines, or two actual 'services' of some kind or
another, such as phone and VOIP, or phone and cell phone or (gasp!)
even two actual Bell Telco lines. Your present phone, regardless
of the features you have on it, i.e. call waiting or three way
calling, or distinctive ringing, etc still reaches you only on one
pair of wires, and a '2 line phone' would do you no good at all.

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