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Re: ADSL and SDSL?

Koos van den Hout (
20 Feb 2005 19:10:09 GMT

Robert Bonomi <> wrote:

> As "commonly deployed", SDSL has same speed up and down, and ADSL has
> mis-matched (almost invariably higher in the 'down' direction) speeds.

> However, I have had "symmetric rate" ADSL, and "Asymmetric rate" SDSL,
> service, at various times, from various providers. Not terribly
> common, but such services do/did exist. :)

ADSL has, and I guess SDSL has it too, a difference between 'the
possible speed of the phone line' and 'the speed the *dsl provider
programs on it'.

For example, my phone line has the following:


Attainable line rate : 8112 kbit/sec
Attainable Atm rate : 7680 kbit/sec
Used line rate : 3600 kbit/sec
Fast used Atm rate : 3200 kbit/sec


Attainable line rate : 968 kbit/sec
Attainable Atm rate : 864 kbit/sec
Used line rate : 856 kbit/sec
Fast used Atm rate : 768 kbit/sec

(see for how I make my adsl modem
tell me this and other details about the phoneline)

The provider could for example program a profile with 768 kbit up/down.

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