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Re: America the Worst For Cell Rates and Plans

Joseph (
Tue, 01 Feb 2005 20:58:33 -0800

On 1 Feb 2005 06:01:13 -0800, Justin Time <>

> Actually it was the cellular companies who charged for "air time."
> Air time does not take into account if a call is incoming or outgoing,
> it only accounts for the amount of cellular resources used to connect
> to the handset. That we currently have to abide by "full minute"
> pricing should be the complaint .

The cell phone companies charge what they do the way they do only
because they can and because customers haven't demanded it. Fido in
Canada at one time used exact billing i.e. you didn't start to get
charged til the line was actually supervised and they also charged to
the second unlike send-to-end billing which will bill you for all time
including ringing if the end party answers. They got rid of that for
prepaid customers a couple years ago and rumour has it that if Rogers
has their way they'll eliminate per second billing as well.

It's the reason why T-Mobile charges 29 cents/minute to call Europe
while you can commonly get the same call through many long distance
carriers for 5 cents or less per minute. Basically they're free to
charge anything that they like. Until customers stop bending over to
be taken advantage of they'll charge as much as they can get away

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