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TV "Decency" -- Broadcast vs. Cable
1 Feb 2005 10:28:12 -0800

The newspaper reported that this year's Superbowl TV ads and
entertainment will be strictly controlled to avoid FCC flagging.
Instead of a "teen pop tart" it's 62 y/o Paul McCartney. Broadcasters
are frighted of being fined.

What bothers me is that there are two standards -- one for traditional
broadcast TV and one for cable TV. I think both should be treated as
the same.

The claimed justified is that TV uses the "public airwaves" and TV
reaches everyone freely while cable does not. But cable depends on
"public airwaves" just as much as broadcast, only they use satellite
signals to get their material. Further, cable is extremely well
distributed these days.

It is wrong to nail a network for Janet Jackson yet ignore the stuff
on MTV and other general distribution cable channels.

It is also troubling that certain respected artistic productions are
banned from broadcast out of fear of punishment. For example the film
"Schlinder's List" (which contains some nudity in the concentration
camps) frightened off some network affiliates. Years ago PBS would
occassionally have nudity as part of Shakespeare.

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