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Re: Vonage Call Forwarding

DevilsPGD (
Sat, 29 Jan 2005 00:48:28 -0700

In message <> Julia Sonny
<> wrote:

> I have a Vonage RT31P2 Broadband VoIP Router and subscribe to the
> unlimited Vonage service which allows unlimited long distance in North
> America.

> I have an Office in Montreal with 10 Analog POT lines in a hunt group.

> I want get a New York number (which is available thru Vonage) and
> forward the Vonage NY Virtual number to the 1st line of my Analog POTS
> hunt group.

> My question is: If I get 10 calls back to back a few seconds away from
> each other, will *ALL* those calls be forwarded to all numbers of my
> 10 line POTS huntgroup, or am I capped at 1 or 2 sockets maximum until
> those sockets are cleared up so that further calls may be forwarded?

> My reason for this is so I don't have to purchase 10 Vonage Lines,
> Just have 1 of them forwarded to my 10 line huntgroup. Please tell me
> if this is possible.

Off hand I believe call forwarding is done by Vonage's network and not
the ATA -- You shouldn't need run into any limits as far as the ATA

If you want to test, I'd be happy to forward my Vonage line to an
automated voice service and let you call from all 10 of your POTS
lines to my Vonage number -- This would confirm that all 10 calls make
it through to the destination number, but I'm quite confident that
they will.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Would you need to set any 'time-outs'
on the 'automated voice service' so that she could get all ten lines
dialed up before the first few of the dialed up calls dropped off due
to inactivity, etc? Otherwise Julia is going to have to have a dialing
marathon, speeding along, dialing and listening, etc. Also, if any of
her lines, in the experiment get any 'incidental' busy signals along
the way, she will need to assure herself that she did not attempt the
connections 'too fast'; that is, that as each call approaches your TA
it has time to get in, get processed and get out of the way before her
next dialing attempt is done. My feeling is you are probably correct,
all ten can be handled as long as two or three incoming calls do not
'pounce' on the TA all at the same instant, clogging and confusing
it. If Julia expects very heavy traffic, where it is possible all ten
POTS lines are going to be calling in every few seconds, then she does
not need ten Vonage TA devices, but I would suggest two or three
inbound lines (answered by Vonage TAs) to keep the traffic flowing
smoothly. PAT]

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