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Re: America the Worst For Cell Rates and Plans

Elmo P. Shagnasty (
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 19:34:21 -0500

In article <>, Isaiah Beard
<> wrote:

>> But it gets worse. If you go into one of the big stores and buy a TV
>> (or VCR, satellite receiver etc.) they are actually obliged by law to
>> pass your name and address on to the TV Licensing Office,. And if
>> there's no license registered there, you'll be subjected to the usual
>> barrage of intimidating letters (unless you had the sense to pay cash
>> and give a false address, of course).

> Though apparently, even that won't protect you. According the TV
> licencing website in the UK
> (

> "We have a fleet of detector vans, plus, our enforcement officers have
> access to hand-held detection devices capable of detecting a magnetic
> field when a TV is switched on. In fact, we catch an average of over
> 1,000 people watching TV without a licence every day."

One wonders if LCD panel TVs have changed anything about how law
enforcement works -- or *if* it works.

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