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Steve Sobol (
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 14:15:56 -0800 wrote:

>> Stouffer's restaurant ...

> What happened to Stouffer's restaurants? They had a few in
> Philadelphia. In Ohio, they had some country clubs/hotels. Today,
> there is a nice line of frozen dinners under their label.

Local chain. Okay, they were local to where I grew up (Cleveland) ...

They had some hotels too, their flagship being the hotel at Tower City
Center (formerly Terminal Tower, nee Union Terminal) on downtown
Cleveland's Public Square. They sold those to Renaissance Hotels. Not
sure who the restaurants went to.

The former Stouffer's plant and corporate headquarters in suburban
Solon is now the plant and USA corporate headquarters of Nestle Frozen
Foods. - Apple Valley, CA - - 888.480.4NET (4638)
Steven J. Sobol, Geek In Charge / / PGP: 0xE3AE35ED

"In case anyone was wondering, that big glowing globe above the Victor
Valley is the sun." -Victorville _Daily Press_ on the unusually large
amount of rain the Southland has gotten this winter (January 12th, 2005)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think I read somewhere once that
Nestle had bought out Stouffer's; kept the Stouffer's name for their
frozen food and closed down the restaurant division. Like Schwann, out
of Minnesota somewhere, the Nestle/Stouffer food is very good, but
quite expensive. Schwann is now taking over (or has a big piece of
Omaha Steaks. Our Schwann routeman comes around to see me every two
weeks, and it is very hard to refuse to purchase his delicious frozen
goods (ice cream, pies, cakes, etc). PAT]

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