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> Patrick Townson wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do not know what happened to
> Stouffer's. They were big in the hospitality business for a while, and
> were based out of the Cleveland, Ohio area and had two very delightful
> (although sinfully expensive, but nice) restaurants in Chicago. They

Stouffers is synonymous with death in New York. I remember this fire.
Here's a slight extraction, you can read more on the website or google
for "stoffers fire".


Westchester Stouffers Inn
December 4, 1980

The Stouffers Inn fire was a corridor fire of the worst kind: burning
floor covering, rapidly decomposing wallcovering, a relatively low and
heat reflective ceiling, and a long, narrow corridor that channeled
all form of fire product in one direction.

The conference center fire originated where three corridors met, raced
down the corridors, spread smoke widely and killed 26 people. The
fire ignited at about 10:15 am and was discovered at about 10:20 am.

The three major factors that determined this fire's outcome were the
two initial decomposing materials (the carpet and vinyl wallcovering),
the design of the building and location of the primary fire, and the
fire safety systems and procedures followed once the fire was

Because the fire was in the corridor itself, survivors raced smoke and
wall covering flames down the North corridor. Delay in reaching the
decision to run that way or to jump out of a window meant death.

People seemed to drop when they came into contact with the smoke
because the smoke contained corrosive acid gas.

The symptoms of the 24 injured survivors were typical of inhalation of
acid gases. The respiratory tract is injured by the acid and the body
tries to compensate for the intake of acid by what is called
respiratory compensation. The respiratory symptoms show that the
whole respiratory tract could be injured in this type of smoke, from
the deep lungs to the upper tract where the vocal cords sit.



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