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Re: Calling Canada is an International Call?

Joseph (
Sun, 09 Jan 2005 10:47:04 -0800

On 7 Jan 2005 19:54:23 -0800, wrote:

> I am in CA. I have ATT One Rate Plan for my residence phone (not
> cellular phone). I joined this plan because once a ATT representative
> told me that, if I do not have a long distance plan, ATT (as a default
> long distance carrier for my local phone carrier) will charge me $3 or
> so every time I call 800 number.

You made the same query in another group word for word. The answer is
still the same here. If they told you that they'd charge $3 for every
time you call a toll free (800/888/877/866) number they out and out
lied to you. The only people who pay to call toll-free numbers are
those with cell phone service as cell phone subscribers pay for all

> So I joined. The rates for calling everywhere in US is 10C/minute.
> Last month I called Canada. Now I got the bill and found out that this
> plan charges Canada call as international call and it is $1.32/minute.

Even not talking about Canada 10 cents/minute is a ripoff right there.
If you shop around you can get a per minute rate of less than 5
cents/minute commonly and that even with no monthly fee. You'll also
possibly get a rate from several carriers that will charge you only
for what you use and many charge in 6 second increments. AT&T, MCI
and Sprint PCS only charge to the next full minute. These same
companies will likely charge you the same rate as you pay for domestic
US calls or perhaps a penny or two more to call Canada. The rate they
charge to call western Europe shouldn't be but a few cents higher than
to make domestic calls.

> Is there anything I can do? Before I join, I asked the representative
> about Canada. He told me that Canada call is the same as domestic call.
> But I have no proof for that. And no one want to listen to that.

Unfortunately unless you have something in writing or you recorded
your conversation with the rep you likely don't have any recourse.

> Is there any federal regulation about Canada? Is that totally up to
> the phone company to define it as international call or domestic call?

No, it's totally up to what the company wants to charge. It's likely
that they have tariffs filed somewhere and if you wanted to go to the
trouble to find out what the tariffs are you could. It's likely
though that they may have the tariff filed and you'll see that the
tarriff is *quite* high. Unless you got a special plan it's likely
that you're paying the "casual" rate to call Canada.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm afraid you'll just have to
pay the bill this time.

For a fairly unbiased comparison of long distance vendors go to .

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