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Re: Cable Finds Its Voice
9 Jan 2005 08:32:05 -0800

We've had cable telephone companies in the UK for nearly 15 years now.
They introduced cable phone services with cable TV and the amount of
companies operating were prediminantly regional (i.e. Cable London,
Birmingham Cable, Yorkshire Cable etc...) and initially provided a
proper and decent alternative to BT, both in prices and in service;
but over the years takeovers and bankruptcies have whittled the number
down to just 2 -- ntl: and Telewest (known respectively as nt hell and
Teleworst!). It's only the larger towns and cities here which have
cable TV and phone, as the companies decided that they'd make more
profit there than if they ventured into the smaller towns. Price-wise
now both companies' prices for rental and call charges are either
similar to, identical to or more expensive than BT's.

Now that approximately 80% or there abouts of the UK is on broadband,
however, a lot more people have access to an alternative, and cheaper
telephone service than BT. Over the next few years or so it's
predicted that calls made over VoIP will be more popular than calls
made via the standard phone companies.

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