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Re: Workaround, was: Google Telecom-Digest Archive

Neal McLain (
Sat, 08 Jan 2005 22:48:40 -0600

I wrote:

> Has anybody else noticed how thoroughly Google had messed up
> its archive of past Telecom-Digest postings? Their archive
> used to reproduce each message in its entirety, in courier
> text. Now it truncates long messages. Several of the messages
> I've posted over the years are chopped off mid-word at around
> 700 words.

To which PAT wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, you can look directly on
> our web site You'll find
> the last year or so filed issue by issue; much older stuff is
> filed in clusters of fifty issues per file. Grep known details
> with a wild card as the argument in each cluster, then zero in
> on them from there. For volumes 9-18 there are also
> 'accelerated indexes' of message subject titles along with the
> volume number and (cluster of) fifty issues in which to look
> for your stuff. PAT]

But I still can't link directly to a specific post, which is what I
used to be able to do with Google.

BTW, <> appears to be a dead link.

According to your revised website, the "recent single issues" page is at
(Volumes 23 [2004] and 24 [2005]), and the back issues pages is at

Danny Burstein <> wrote:

> The general attitude of many, many, people (myself included) is
> that Google broke something that wasn't broken ... We've all
> got our fingers crossed that they'll step back.

> Fortunately, for now at least, you can still get to the older
> Google search page (for usenet) by going to:


Hey -- that works! At least most of the time ... although I couldn't find
a couple of my old posts, I was able to find all the truncated
ones. Thanks for the suggestion!

I join you in keeping my fingers crossed.

Neal McLain

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I wonder if I should go into the source
code (on the web pages) where the Google search boxes are located
and direct them to go through that link also? PAT]

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