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Re: T1/ISDN Intergration With VoiP?

T. Sean Weintz (
Thu, 23 Dec 2004 16:46:58 -0500

Dave wrote:

> If I have VoiP and use a converter to what normally would be a POTS
> line, what if, instead, the converter went to a T1 or ISDN set up?
> Could I have 23 or 24 incoming VoiP calls, each going to a different
> DID number? Could I have an outgoing call center with 23 or 24 agents
> each talking over VoiP at the same time to 23 or 24 different people?

So far as I know, no one makes a converter like that.

Given that PBX systems are moving towards supporting SIP directly
anyway, one would not really be needed. Simply get 24 sip accounts and
set the PBX up to use them all. They all work over 1 single ethernet
cable -- the sip protocol takes care of telling the PBX what number
was dialed for the incoming calls. I think pretty much all PRI
functionality can be duplicated in SIP natively.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But, given the amount of bandwidth
required for VOIP, even though that may be theoretically possible,
is it likely? How many 'computers' and how much internet connectivity
would be required to pull that off? PAT]

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