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Re: DIrectv Not Honoring Tivo Lifetime Service

DevilsPGD (
Mon, 20 Dec 2004 23:57:28 -0700

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> I cannot believe this is happening. I thought a lifetime subscription
> lasted the lifetime of the Tivo unit? This is not the case for folks
> who were serviced by Pegasus. Beware if you buy a lifetime Tivo on
> Ebay that was owned by a customer who got their satellite service from
> Pegasus.

I'd suggest a quick trip to file papers in small claims court would
probably get either your subscription fee refunded, your lifetime
service restored, or possibly both.

If it's not worth the hassle, at a minimum write letters to Pegasus,
DirecTV (even though they're the same companies the letters will
probably end up in different places), the BBB, the FCC (Who won't
help, but will likely forward the letter higher up the DirecTV chain
then your letter will go), and to your local attorney general (who
won't act either, but it looks good on the "CC" line and it *is*

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Someone committed fraud on you. When
> you purchase (or otherwise take over) an existing business, then
> you take over not only the assets of the existing business, but the
> *liabilities* as well, unless the people going *out* of business
> specifically publish a notice to the effect otherwise, which is to
> afford *you* - the holder of that asset (by virtue of your lifetime
> subscription in this case) -- the opportunity to collect on it from
> the original owner of the business. Did DirectTV publish a notice
> saying 'not responsible for debts of Pegasus' or did Peegasus publish
> a notice saying 'going out of business, etc'. Did Pegasus file a
> petition in bankruptcy? If so, did they list *all* of their
> liabilities, including 'lifetime' (prepaid) subscriptions? You
> definitly were defrauded, but collecting on it may be a challenge and
> cost more than it is worth. Your legal complaint is with Pegasus,
> assuming that DirectTV had no knowledge of any such 'lifetime
> subscritions' outstanding through Pegasus. PAT]

If Pegasus was purchased by DirecTV, then the legal complaint is with
DirecTV -- If DirecTV purchased Pegasus without being aware of Pegasus'
liabilities, that's their fault, and maybe next time they'll perform due
diligence before making a corporate acquisition.

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