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Re.: Speaking of Giving up Landline For Cell phone

John Stahl (
Mon, 20 Dec 2004 18:56:04 -0500

Try this location (URL) for a review of several

The author indicates that there are several manufacturers of these
gadgets which you can connect through a non-active landline
installation (i.e., a home or business line telephone system which you
have disconnected from the incoming line at the NID but is still wired
to RJ-11 type outlets to which you can attach standard landline type
phones) and drop your cell phone into (these gadgets vary by the make
of cell phone) when you come home. These gadgets then allow you to
receive/make telephone calls by using your attached landline phones
all through the (inserted) cell phone. Most I've heard not only allow
make/receive calls but charge the cell phone battery.

These type of gadgets would seem to be most popular with senior
citizens as they are more used to using "standard" type phone sets
rather than the smaller cell phones (obviously only usable when the
cell is dropped into them when you are home.)

Hope this info helps you.

John Stahl
Aljon Enterprises
Telecom/Data Consultant

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Oh yeah ... keep the cell socket (or
other cell phone adapter) just like the Vonage (or other VOIP
adapter) **away** -- totally separate -- from the landline phone
central office incoming pairs. Just like VOIP adapters, cell phone
adapters get easily offended and tend to fry when telco voltage
gets on the line. PAT]

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