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Re: Speaking of Giving up Landline For Cellphone
Mon, 20 Dec 2004 18:00:22 -0500

John Levine wrote:

> In article <> you write:

>> Is there any kind of gadget available to interface with a cellphone
>> (perhaps via the headset connection) that would allow you to plug your
>> cellphone into it when you are at home, and have it provide your own
>> little local phone system over your old phone wires so that you could
>> use any phone in the house to make a call on the cellphone and have
>> all the phones in the house ring when the cellphone rings?

> Mike Sandman sells devices that do just that, at
> (It's on the same page as cell
> phone belt pouches.)

> Regards,

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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have one of those devices from Mike.
> Mine is called 'cell socket' and my cellular phone sits right inside
> the device. It charges the phone battery, and allows the phone to be
> used from any regular phone which plugs in with a modular connector.
> I can use it with a 'total com' PBXtra box by plugging the Cell Socket
> into one of the 'dial 9' level ports on the PBXtra (which Mike also
> offers in his catalog). From any phone, dial 9 and get dialtone from
> the cell phone (via cell socket). Or when cell phone (via cell socket)
> rings, the phone attached to PBXtra as the default for incoming calls
> will ring as well, or a common audible will ring and dialing *7 from
> any phone allows it to be answered. I put my Vonage phone in another
> port on the PBXtra as well to do the same thing with it, then the
> remaining five ports (of the eight ports on PBXtra) allow me to answer
> any phone (landline, Vonage or cell phone) from any phone in my
> house, or transfer any call to any other extension.

> These devices (PBXtra units) are great for people who have a large
> house (but a small amount of phone traffic) but want the flexibilty
> of all phones at all locations, and they are fully programmable by
> the user. For example, I have my one landline phone as dial 9 for
> outgoing calls, my Vonage line as dial 8 for outgoing calls, and
> my cell phone on the cell socket as dial 7 for outgoing calls. The
> common audible tells me when any of them have an incoming call, and
> *7 allows me to answer whatever line is ringing. You definitly need
> to check Mike Sandman's catalog if you have not recently. Look at
> . One disadvantage is no caller ID available
> on it. PAT]

Very Interesting.

Does it matter where one places the adapter? My cell phone only get
decent reception while at one end of the house.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have one of Mike's external 3-db gain
antennas also, and it sits by a window in my bedroom, feeding the cell
socket device. The PBXtra unit on the other hand is in my computer
area at the other end of my house. What I would suggest you do is put
the cellsocket adapter at whatever place in your house you get the
best cellular reception, then run a pair to wherever the PBXtra is
located. In other words, cell socket output *not* to a phone, but to
the *input* of the PBXtra, then run the pairs used by the PBXtra to
wherever. PAT]

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