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Re: Vonage Voice Quality Getting Worse?

Pete Romfh (
Sun, 12 Dec 2004 09:39:44 -0600

John R Levine wrote:

> I've had Vonage phone service for nearly two years,
> running over the T1 in my office. For the most part
> voice quality has been pretty good. Recently I've found
> it's often just plain lousy, distortions and dropouts bad
> enough that I switch to my cell phone which sounds better.

> It seems to be worse in the evening (eastern time). I
> looked at some local link statistics and the local
> connection doesn't seem to be particularly congested, and
> traceroutes show a path from my ISP through Sprint to the
> peering point where Vonage connects, with no big delays,

> Have other people had voice quality problems with Vonage?

> Regards,

> John Levine Primary Perpetrator of The
> Internet for Dummies, Information Superhighwayman wanna-
> be,, Mayor "I dropped the
> toothpaste", said Tom, crestfallenly.

I haven't noticed any major change here in Houston. Cisco-186A behind
Buffalo router over 1.2Mbps DSL.

Pete Romfh, Telecom Geek & Amateur Gourmet.
promfh at hal dash pc dot org

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