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David Clayton (
Sun, 12 Dec 2004 13:06:31 +1100 contributed the following:

> wrote:

>> I wish the cops didn't need cameras and speed traps, but motorists
>> have only themselves to blame.

> An automatic speed timing/enforcement device that permits up to 39 in
> a 25 mph zone is hardly a speed trap. That is a generous buffer. I
> am presuming the 25 mph limit is justified, which it usually is in a
> residential setting.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: When traveling south on Pennsylvania
> Avenue (highway 75 here) the stop/go lights are timed in such a way
> that if you make one light, and *travel at the right speed* you can
> make all the lights all the way downtown. On the other hand, miss one
> light, and you miss them all. PAT]

A few years ago on a major road in my city, a system was trialled
where computerised signs would advise drivers what speed to travel at
to get the "green wave" of traffic lights.

Unfortunately too many people were stuck in their idiotic habit of
travelling to the next red light as quickly as they could, so when the
people who did heed the signs arrived at an intersection a little bit
later, they were confronted with traffic slowly moving from a red
light rather than already moving vehicles.


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