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Fri, 10 Dec 2004 04:03:53 -0800

Ron Chapman wrote:

> In article <>,
> wrote:

>> The automatic devices for slight speed violations are revenue devices
>> for the most part. But, the devices that catch red light runners
>> serve a genuine safety purposes.

> Ah. So maybe you can explain to me why cities that employ these
> devices:

> (a) pay nothing for them, and receive commissions from the PRIVATE
> OPERATORS who place them; and

> (b) change the timing of the lights with such devices, in order to
> DRAMATICALLY shorten the time of the yellow light, a change which
> drastically increases the likelihood of your getting caught by the
> device?

> By the way, such a change in timing is:

> (a) NOT within national traffic guidelines, and

> (b) NOT implemented on traffic lights that DO NOT have such cameras in
> place.

> Hmmmmm.

> Tim, you're wrong. The sole reason for these devices is revenue
> enhancement.

> If the lawmakers want to make everything I do illegal, then I guess
> I'll be a criminal the rest of my life.

I can only speak for Southern California. All of your concerns have
been addressed. The yellow lights have been extended a small interval
beyond what the state recommends just to avoid that accusation.
Perhaps in your area it is different.

Running red lights is already illegal and very, very dangerous. Where
they have been installed around here side-collision fatalities have
decreased. That is significant. If you drive like you should you
won't run red lights. And, dont' tell me that running a red light is
like driving 40 in a 35 mph zone. If you believe that you are
probably a problem driver that needs to be caught by these red light

So, please don't tell me I am wrong. That itself shows an inclination
on your part to be unreasonably opinionated about the issue of red
light enforcement. There are drivers in these parts that don't feel
red lights apply to them, because they are "special."

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