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Re: Radar Detectors

Justin Time (
10 Dec 2004 05:33:44 -0800

Ron Chapman wrote:

> Ah. So maybe you can explain to me why cities that employ these
> devices:

> (a) pay nothing for them, and receive commissions from the PRIVATE
> OPERATORS who place them; and

The quick answer to point (a) is there is no expenditure of public
funds for either the equipment or its maintenance. Your point that
the cameras are then used as a revenue stream is correct.

> b) change the timing of the lights with such devices, in order to
> DRAMATICALLY shorten the time of the yellow light, a change which
> drastically increases the likelihood of your getting caught by the
> device?

Now this is a bold statement with no proof to your allegation. While
I am not saying that retiming of traffic lights hasn't occurred, can
you cite some specific examples of cities where this has been done? I
know that in the city where I work, one unit was removed because it
was found to be installed at an intersection where the light was
improperly timed to allow traffic to clear an intersection before the
light at the next intersection turned red.

Rodgers Platt

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