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Re: Treo650 v Blackberry

Jim Hatfield (
Wed, 08 Dec 2004 18:45:04 +0000

On 7 Dec 2004 17:45:17 -0800, Mark <> wrote:

> I heard rumors that for the treo to work your computer must be on, and
> it must be forwarding your messages to versamail. Is this true. How
> does the Blackberry work instead? Any information will be greatly
> appreciated.

I just set up a Blackberry 7100v on vodafone in the UK for a colleague.

The Blackberry is not a mail client at all. The mail client is RIM's
server, on which you create an account, tied to the IMEI of the phone,
and which you give details of your email settings. The RIM server then
pulls email from your mail server and reflects it onto the phone.

In order to create the account on the RIM server you have to agree to
a massive legal document. I would like to meet one person outside RIM
who has read it, let alone agreed with it.

The RIM server only holds 10Mb of your mail, and since it pulls mails
with attachments this is easy to fill so you have to be careful.

The person who is using it is very pleased so I guess this limitation
is not so bad.

I assume that with the Enterprise version, the "RIM server" is on your
own network.

Jim Hatfield

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