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Re: Another Black Eye For VoIP2
6 Dec 2004 11:22:35 -0800

I used for two months, ten days. Suddenly they've changed
their plan without inform and still charge me the same amount.

A lot of tricky thing in their term of service like 49.95 smallworld
plan. They quote unlimited international call but they are restriction
that you can not make a call more than usually resident call, and they
didn't tell how many minutes? If you want to cancel you have to pay a
lot of money to them. A lot of bad servicea from them. Be careful!

Lisa Minter wrote:

> Jack Decker comment: Anyone who is even thinking about doing business
> with VoIP2 really should first read the numerous comments about them
> in the VoIP forum.


> Read Your Fine Print
> Marketing Lingo in the modern age.

> One user in our VoIP forum
> <,11739698~mode=flat>
> claims they were slammed with a five-hundred dollar cancellation fee
> by upstart provider VoIP2 <> after taking their
> "Money Back Guarantee" a little too literally. Their terms of service
> <> stipulate if you cancel in writing
> within the allotted time frame you'll get your money back, sans "the
> charges for completed calls at $0.03 per minute for United States
> calls related to an Unlimited plan and the actual billed charge for
> International calls" (of which we're guessing he made a few). This is
> 2004: unlimited means limited and "Money Back Guarantees" mean "Some
> of your money back, maybe."

> Full article plus reader comments at
> Another related thread at:

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