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Re: Lingo Voip SUCKS!

Garth Nospam (
5 Dec 2004 22:35:32 -0800

Well let me state that Lingo still SUCKS!

I'm always happy to blame Verizon whenever possible but I think in my
case Primus (Lingo) is being run in very non business friendly way.

Now remember, it took Lingo 40+ days to tell me they could not port my
phone number to their system.

I checked around with other Voip companies and even Verizon's Voip
service. None of them support porting my number including Verizon who
provides me my local service and current number! How long did it take
all the other company's to tell me this? NOT 40 DAYS! About 30 sec
with a built in search function on their web pages!!!

Now tell me Lingo is not scamming people with their $39.90 disconnect


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